Founder and Chief Instructor

My name is Jack Gialanella. I am the founder, developer, and chief instructor of Rogue JKD. 


  • Senior Full Instructor of Jeet Kune Do, Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Rapid Assault Tactics (2008)

  • Senior Full Instructor of Filipino Arts/ Kali (2008)

  • Licensed Edge Weapons officer

  • 4th Dan jiu-jitsu (2009)

  • 4th Dan Judo

  • 4th Dan Karate

  • Boxing level 1 USA boxing CO Olympic center (2008)


As a toddler, I used to introduce myself as THE Sugar Ray Leonard.  My father said that if I would agree to be “Jack” again, he would allow me to learn how to box; we had a deal.  My martial arts journey began June 4th, 1980. My interest led me to explore and study many martial arts . These initially included  Boxing,  Karate, Wing Chun, Five- Animal Kung Fu, Ninjutsu, and Hapkido. Later, (after a older school-mate punched my braces through my cheek) my main focus became Muay Thai, Western Boxing, and by 1992 shoot-fighting and MMA.  Wanting to better my full-contact skill set,  I chose to study JKD, FMA, no-gi jiu-jitsu, and MMA extensively from the 1990’s to present.

I earned my first JKD/Kali instructor-rank in 1998, under my  PFS Mentor Full Instructor Joe Freyman. In 1999, I met  the JKD / FMA legend Paul Vunak. Over the course of the years, I earned my Senior Full-Instructorship certifications under Paul in: Jeet Kune Do, JKD concepts, Filipino Martial Arts, Rapid Assault Tactics, Law Enforcement continuum, and Edged Weapons Tactics (2008). Though I studied some No - Gi BJJ before my time with PFS, Paul told me that I had to work on this range. I learned much of my ground basics during my time with Joe and Paul. To Augment this, I studied with Jiujitsu and Judo with Master Rick Rogers. I earned my 4th degree Black belt in traditional Jiu-jitsu and Judo under Master Rogers in 2009. In 2010, I fulfilled my long time bucket- list goal and trained Muay Thai in Thailand (primarily with Kru Hlukhin from KYN gym). I now train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (including BJJ over 40).

Though I focus more on self-protection than competition, I have held boxing and MMA licenses through Colorado's Olympic Center and through our state’s athletic commission. Currently, my continued education in martial arts includes an intensive study of BJJ (gi and no-gi) under grappling pioneer, Roy Harris. This includes studying his BJJ over 40 program.  I also continue to develop my JKD, FMA, and Silat with Joe Freyman, through my own research and by attending Guro Inosanto’s seminar workshops.

Outside of martial arts, my credentials include my 15 year career in clinical psychology as a violence prevention specialist at the acute level of care and in lockdown facilities; I am trained in four separate violence/crisis prevention curriculums. 

In my classes, I help martial artists of all ages develop their attributes in the five crucial areas of martial arts:  technical, athletic, tactical, contextual (scenario) and especially the emotional. I prioritize increasing my students’ ability to reliably navigate all levels of conflict for self-protection in an uncontrolled environment.

In addition to teaching martial arts, I hold a Master’s degree (philosophy and theory). Recently, I have transitioned from a full-time martial artist, to a full-time instructor of rhetoric, composition, and research writing at the University of Colorado. When I am not teaching martial arts or writing, I spend my time with my two wonderful children and my lovely wife.

For more details on my training, see Rogue’s history page and certifications gallery


Women's Self-Defense Director

I am the creator and director of our K.A.T. Power women’s self-defense program. I have trained JKD with chief instructor Jack since 2006, and at the instructor-level since 2014. As a woman and mother, my concern has always been real self-defense against assailants who would likely be bigger, stronger, and have serious, bad intent. My focus, then, led me to tailor our martial arts programs toward specific dangerous scenarios.  I am also interested in the intersection between martial arts, personal/existential power, and community. It is my conviction that the development of personal power through the martial arts directly leads to the betterment of our communities. As we gain awareness and learn to act effectively in the face of oppression (physical, mental, or social), we transform ourselves and the world around us. 

In my classes, I emphasize attribute development through drills and exercises that increase strength, coordination, timing and more. As well, we explore the emotional and mental dimension of real self-defense. Because these concepts and skills are worth learning early, I tailor them for the hands and ears of younger students, too.

In addition to teaching the martial arts, I am an instructor of philosophy at Arapahoe Community College, and a mom to two young children. When I am not teaching, I am outside somewhere with my kids and husband, Jack.